Description: A short story about education as the best way to change Ada's life, her parents lives, and the community

Submitted by: Sinneh Lahai Sen Sesay

Ada grow up in a village of kamakwie and she stood out as a bright and curious child by her dreams of learning and pursuing an education burned brightly within her mush like a beacon guiding her path.

However, her dreams faced significant obstacles in her village, girls like Ada often found it difficult to access education due to societal and economic factors and Poverty was a pervasive issue and her parents struggled to make ends meets living in a simple mud brick house.

They earned a meager income and lived on less than dollar a day.

Despite the hardship Ada maintained her unwavering determination to attain an education displaying great respect and love for her parents. As time passed Ada concern about her future grew and at the age of thirteen years she made a difficult decision were she left her parents behind seeking odd jobs in other areas to support herself and help others in the community for her dreams.

Her hard work often involved collecting firewood to sell in the market contributing to her community well-being. One day an educational non-governmental organization (NGO) arrived in the village for a case study were they found Ada siting by the village road. They engaged her in conservation with her and Ada response deeply and impressed them.

She shared her heart-wrenching story of sacrifices, tears, and dreams of wanting to access quality education.

This encounter and moved the members of the NGO and they took immediate action deciding to support Ada in her quest for education. The organization not only reunited her with her parents but also provided her with a scholarship that would change her life.

With this assistance, Ada was enrolled in school, equipped with essential learning materials, food, healthcare, and emotional support as her educational journey had finally begun.

Over the years Ada excelled in her studies, completing her six years of primary school with outstanding results. Her determination and the support she received propelled her towards her dreams of achieving her secondary level up to university and complete her level education.

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