Short Story: Serendipity

Description: a short story about love and Vegas

Submitted by: Nathaniel

He had never been the kind of person who pinches himself to make sure he’s awake, but that night he did it at least three times.

Looking back, he couldn't decide if it was the best night of his life or the worst. When he walked into the restaurant he could see his friends at the table talking to his wife as of last night. He went and sat beside his friend, then realized he was married and got up and moved next to his wife.

He had only met Veronica yesterday when he arrived in vegas. The funniest thing is he was in vegas to meet his ex girlfriend as of yesterday because when he was at the front desk he could see his ex getting a little too comfortable with a man he had never seen before. Instead of checking into his room he bought the biggest suite in Caesars palace.

He took a picture of her and sent it to her so she would understand his upcoming behavior. But something interesting happened. Veronica who was at the front desk handling his room was so beautiful he noticed her despite his current troubles. She said something that cooled his soul, something he hadn't heard in a while even though he was previously in a relationship. She simply asked if he was ok because he looked stressed. She also added that he was too handsome to be stressed which made him smile because that was a good line. He informed her how long of a story it was and she responded by telling him she gets off in thirty minutes.

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