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Below you can read a selection of short stories from World Storytelling Day!

We invite you to read through these enchanting narratives and cast your vote for the ones that resonate with you the most.

Telling Your Story

We also encourage you to tell your own story. Share your world with a judgement-free audience eager to read.

It’s all about exploring your creativity, practicing the art of story telling, and gaining some exposure for your words. If you choose, you don’t have to write under your own name. Feel free to make up a pseudonym if you prefer.

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Read Short Stories From Our Community

The river that carried my childhood to the oceans - An autobiography of an endangered animal

ADA HAS PASSION FOR EDUCATION - A short story about living on a dollar a day, and education as the best way to change Ada's life, her parents lives, and the community.

Childhood ruined by war - Life of an ordinary family that changed after Russia started a war with Georgia

Water Sentinels: The Captivating Story coming from Bokito in Cameroon - A Ray of Hope for Waterborne Diseases. By Dr. Emmanuel Ngaha.

At the end - A short story about reminiscing

Serendipity - a short story about love and Vegas

The elephant rope - Failure is part of learning; we should never give up the struggle in life.

THE FOG MAN - An abstract representation of of synesthesia. The fog man is everything we cannot be, being individuals. We are prisoners of oblivion. He, instead, is the very essence of it.

Outcasts - Aria Solace, your everyday teenage girl. Until one day, when Aria accidentally transfers Eli Tuffin into another dimension.

Free - A poem about mental illness and feeling stuck in your head (ADULT THEMES)

Her Escape - A little girl in the slums of Mumbai finds her own outlet to escape her crammed existence by using her imagination.

Two extraordinary friends - A beautiful short story about friendship

LOST AND FOUND - A story about loss and how not to grieve about that which is gone forever

I AM DATA - A short story about how data emerged from infancy to become a world revolution.