World Storytelling Day

World Storytelling Day is on March 20 every year.

In honor of World Storytelling Day, we are running a written storytelling competition.

Submit your story before the end of March, and tell your friends and family to vote.

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What should my story be about?

There is no one definitive answer to this question, as everyone’s story will be different.

However, some general things to consider include writing about things that matter to you, and telling your story in your own unique voice.

Your story can be fun, inspirational, fiction, or based on a true event.

Express yourself creatively and share your ideas with the world!

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Can I write under a pseudonym?

Yes! If you choose, you don’t have to write under your own name. Feel free to make up apseudonym if you prefer.

All that matters is that you express yourself through story.

If you want to write as “Donald Duck”, go for it.

writing under a pseudo name

A fun online writing competition

There’s no prizes for this competition. It’s all about exploring your creativity, practicing the art of story telling, and gaining some exposure for your words.

After you submit your story to the competition, others will be able to vote, and the winner will be announced early in April. So share your story and ask your family and friends to vote.

Entries close on March 31, so get started!


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We’re excited to celebrate World Storytelling Day with you.

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